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Doctor Recommended

“For several years now, we’ve’ve tried Physician’s Pain Relief Cream on hundreds of patients and we are pleased with the pain reducing results.”

Dr. Greg Millar, DC, CCEP -

“Anything that can be done to reduce inflammation will reduce the severity and duration of the pain sensation.”

Dr. Leigh Hopkins, D. Pharm, RPh -


“I have no hesitancy recommending Physician’s® Pain Relief Cream to anyone. And I also keep a tube at home for myself to treat the aches and pains that always seem to unexpectedly arise.”

Dr. Roland Berthiaume, DC -

Chris Vermilya – Pitcher Calhoun Community College

“My name is Chris Vermilya, and I play baseball for Calhoun Community College. Two weeks ago I tore my labrum while I was pitching and underwent surgery a few days later. After being in constant pain for days I tried Physicians Pain Relief Cream and my pain disappeared. I was beyond impressed by this because I was told my shoulder was going to be in a lot of pain for a while, but when I put this cream on the pain was gone. Before, I was always skeptical about these “pain relief” creams so I just assumed it would be like the rest of them and wouldn’t work. But this stuff really works, only a week off of surgery and my shoulder no longer hurts, its pain free. I recommend this to anyone who is nagged by pain, this cream is a life saver.”

Brad Pullum – Country Music Artist

“I am writing to tell you, that over a period of almost four years, I tried every Medical Specialist/Doctor that I could find. About three weeks ago, I heard about your “Physician’s Pain Relief Cream”, and to say the least, I was skeptical. I had tried so very many medicines and treatments, to no avail. However, I can truly say, I finally tried your product… AND IT WORKED! It worked great! Thanks to Physician’s Pain Relief Cream for finally providing this constant sufferer, with true relief! (Without unwanted Narcotics or other potentially harmful drugs that are taken internally.)”

Bill Owens – Country Music Artist

“You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to say this if it wasn’t true. I have tried about everything that you can think of at the drug store and nothing has helped me like Physician’s Pain Relief Cream. I put this on my hip and within 8-10 minutes the pain goes away and I am able to sleep all night long.” -


John Morrow from Hueytown, AL

“I am having a hip replacement at the end of March and I have been in severe pain for several months. A friend of mine told me about your product. I was skeptical at first but finally figured what have I got to lose? I tried it and three days later I was playing golf pain free. It has been terrific.”


Sue from Rockwood, TN

“Thank you for Physician’s Pain Relief Cream. It is the only thing I have found that helps with my hip pain. My hips hurt so bad at times I can not sleep. My daughter ordered the Cream for me. I was sure it was just like all of the rest of the product I have used in the past. But I was wrong. After I used the Cream it was the first time in a long time I could go to bed at night and sleep pain free. This Cream is Wonderful!”


June P from Delran, NJ

“Thank You! Gardening is my passion, but my back was so sore that I couldn’t even bend over. Since the first time I used Physician’s Pain Relief Cream, I’ve been able to get out in my garden every day.”


Mrs. Rochelle Okonski

“I’m writing a little note to let you know how great I think your product is. I have R.A. and have tried many different products. I hesitate to try new products because they generally don’t help me that much. I tried your product and immediately felt relief in my joints. Now I use your product everyday.”


John N., Cave Creek, AZ
“I’ve been rubbing Physician’s Pain Relief Cream on my knees for the last 6 months and have had tremendous relief…I started to notice a substantial change in the way my hands felt and they were working more effectively. Thank you Physician’s® Pain Relief Cream for a more comfortable lifestyle!”


Steven M., Apache Junction, AZ

“Thank you, Physician’s Pain Relief! Your cream has worked wonders for me. Playing the piano is one of my true loves, but my thumb was aching so much that it was keeping me from playing. I used your product and before long the pain completely disappeared. Thanks to Physician’s® Pain Relief Cream, I can play again!”


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